The M4A study in Norway

Report on the M4A project on national TV (NRK, Feb. 21, 2023)

In Norway, M4A is conducted by these institutions:

The research Project

is led by NORCE Norwegian Research Centre and conducted in collaboration with the University of Bergen and the University of Vienna

Project team in Norway

Project management

Christian Gold | Principal investigator (PI)

PhD, Research Professor at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS and Professorial Research Fellow at the University of Vienna, trained in MT, biostatistics, and trial management, with expertise in designing and conducting international multicentre RCTs of MT. His and his group's research has strongly contributed to the increasing evidence base for the effectiveness of MT in mental health. He serves as principal investigator (PI) and is responsible for overall trial methodology and conduct as well as publication and dissemination. 
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Karsten Specht | Principal investigator (Co-PI)

PhD, Professor for biological and medical psychology at the University of Bergen, Head of the Bergen fMRI group and PI of a large project on replicability of rsFC, trained in physics and neuroscience, is responsible for fMRI data acquisition and analysis in Bergen.

Marianna Ruiz | Coordinator

PhD candidate, with a background in clinical psychology and neuroimaging, employed at the Health Department of NORCE and registered at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Bergen. She has the daily responsibility for recruitment, assessment, and interventions in Norway.


Karlijn Kouwer | Coordinator

PhD candidate at the Department of Biological and Medical Psychology, University of Bergen.


Maj-Britt Posserud | Co-investigator

MD, professor of child and adolescent psychiatry, senior consultant at the autism unit at Haukeland University Hospital, helps with recruitment of participants in Norway. She has performed translational research in ASD and is currently establishing a Translational Research Register for ASD, which will include a pool of 300 potential participants in Western and Eastern Norway.

Jörg Assmus | Trial statistician

PhD, plans and conducts the statistical analyses.


Ann-Heidi Båtvik | Master student

helps with assessments

Rune Drotningshaug | Master student

helps with fMRI analyses

Håkon Gåskjenn | Research assistant

helps with assessments


Morten Gundersen | Music therapist
Denise McIvor | Music therapist
Johannes Medlien | Music therapist
Thea Margrethe Tørrissen  | Music therapist
Frida Vangen | Music therapist
Elena Wilcox | Music therapist